Jon’s Picks – Amazon Product Recommendations

Interested in great motorcycling products? So is Jon. Many motorcycling items that he buys are expensive and are purchased from popular online and local retailers. But not all riding products have to be pricey. Occasionally, Jon shops Amazon for products that are considered “good value” quality. Below are some of the things Jon has purchased from Amazon that he likes and thinks you might too. Next to the item is his short review.

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Riding Apparel & Safety Gear

KILLER DEAL HERE!  I bought these because they were the cheapest riding jeans I could find on the internet. I still can believe how good they fit and how sturdy day are.

Just a good, solid, inexpensive waterproof overpant for almost any season except the hottest. The armor does move around some, but that is common in an overpant where you have jeans underneath.

Most mesh jackets are flimsy. I wanted a mesh jacket that would hold up well in a crash. This jacket is great, inexpensive and sturdy. Note:  these fit snug. I’m an XL and it fits closely. I don’t have to wear anything under it in the summer, so it’s okay. If you wear lots of clothing under your mesh jackets, you might want to go up a size. I got the white one!

I’ve been wanting a one-piece cold weather suit for a long time. The value of this product for the price is excellent.

You’re going to get wet in all day downpours. But nothing works better to keep you dry and warm than Frogg Toggs. The jacket works well over mesh in summer. The pants are good to throw in a saddle bag if you’re wearing jeans or mesh pants and rain is threatening. Spend the money on good rain gear. It’s worth it!

These are some of the best gloves I’ve used in cold and wet weather. Limited crash protection, but that’s common in a cheaper rain glove.

This is a fantastic neck gaiter product. Use in cold weather to fill gap between jacket and helmet. Use in summer to dampen and cool you down. It also helps with comfort on those jacket collars that annoy and chafe. Tons of styles to choose from.

I can’t say enough great things about my Kali helmets and I wear them most often. They don’t make flip-ups or built in sun visors, and neither of those are on my essential list. This is an attractive and well-fitting helmet for a reasonable price with flip-up and sun visor features. I bought my usual helmet size and it’s snug but good. Nice helmet to keep in the garage.

This is a love it or hate it kind of product. I bought the Jason Britton version, which if you can find one in your size is like half the price as the regular. Do I ride with this always? No. In the summer when I’m sport riding at a fast pace in the twisties I do. When clothing is bulky and/or you have a helmet that drops down really close to your shoulders, it can be restrictive. I also like this about half the time when riding around town during deer season and it’s dark. Lots of people wear airbag suits. This helps protect your neck without all that extra bulk. It also could come in handy in a traffic collision. The only way to know if you’ll like it is to try it.




I used to use the real cheapo Harbor Freight maintainers. But those only work if a batter is fully charged when attached to keep the battery fully charged. I wanted a good charger that would charge a dead battery, maintain, or take to full charge. This charger does all of this. And for the price you cannot beat them. I have one for each of my three motorcycles, the two less frequently used ones are always plugged in.

Today it’s nice to have your phone charging and in front of you on your handlebars. This is an excellent product for this purpose. Inexpensive, too.


This stuff really works to keep rust from forming on your metal parts. This product basically solves the winter road salt problem. The use it on commercial aircraft. The idea is to clean your motorcycle really really good. Then drench it in this stuff. Wipe off next day so it has a chance to seep into the nooks and crannies. My only gripe is that it does attract dirt to a certain degree in some spots. But it totally works to keep bike looking good and rust-free. Watch YouTube video reviews for additional product info. FYI, buy a proper spray bottle at Home Depot, as the spray bottle that comes with the kit isn’t very good.

My book had to be included on this page. It’s my favorite product on Amazon!