NYS 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Courses

Virtual Course 

Street Skills LLC is now offering the Pre-Licensing course ONLINE using Zoom videoconferencing. (Visit Zoom Website for app and user account information)

The courses are taught live through ONE video session on the following DATES:

  • Tuesday December 21 – 3:30 pm start time
  • Wednesday January 12 – 3:30 pm start time
  • Wednesday February 9 – 3:30 pm start time
  • Wednesday March 9 – 3:30 pm start time
  • Wednesday April 6 – 3:30 pm start time
  • Wednesday May 4 – 3:30 pm start time
  • Wednesday June 1 – 3:30 pm start time
  • Saturday June 18 – 9:00 am start time

*Additional dates posted regularly

Registration and Payment


  • Students will receive by email a meeting code and password to attend the Zoom conference, typically the day before their scheduled course. The email will include directions and expectations.
  • Students are to interact with the instructor the entire course and be ready to answer direct questions or comments.
  • Once the course is over, the certificate will be mailed to the student and the student must sign the certificate upon receipt.

NOTICE: Certificate will be mailed to the address on the permit. If you would like it mailed elsewhere please inform instructor asap.

Contact Jon Here with any questions


Jon has taught auto driving skills for many years and has developed an informative and engaging Pre-Licensing experience.  In addition to the basics, students will leave with knowledge of skills and habits for a lifetime of safe driving.  The course will not simply provide the minimum information to pass a road test, but high value techniques.  Students will leave with their MV-278 certificate required for NYS DMV road test. Bring your valid NYS Learners Permit and a snack to the course.

Currently Street Skills LLC teaches 5 hour pre-licensing courses for the following locations: ON HOLD DURING COVID-19

Call Jon for info: 585.340.7058

Contact Jon to come teach the pre-licensing course at your school.

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[5-Hour Pre-Licensing Courses are provided by Street Skills LLC, a private business, and does not represent the NYS DMV.]

Driving Flashcards


Whether teaching someone new to driving or refreshing your skills, these flashcards will give you what you need to decrease driving-related risks.

Teen Drivers need:

  • better long-term habits and skills
  • simple directions to good driving
  • a quick and easy method for ongoing self-reflection

Parents need:

  • a solid “in-car” curriculum
  • simple concepts to teach
  • reassurance they have done their best to prepare their teen

Driving streetSkills Flashcards are the solution.  Get your new drivers off on the right foot and a lifetime of good driving behaviors.

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To purchase, email Jon with your name and address. He will then send a $15 PayPal “invoice”. Once the invoice is paid the book will ship via USPS.


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