NYS 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Courses

Jon has taught auto driving skills for many years and has developed an informative and engaging Pre-Licensing experience.  In addition to the basics, students will leave with knowledge of skills and habits for a lifetime of safe driving.  The course will not simply provide the minimum information to pass a road test, but high value techniques.  Students will leave with their MV-278 certificate required for NYS DMV road test. Bring your valid NYS Learners Permit and a snack to the course.

Currently Street Skills LLC teaches 5 hour pre-licensing courses for the following locations:

Call Jon for info: 585.340.7058

Contact Jon to come teach the pre-licensing course at your school.

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[5-Hour Pre-Licensing Courses are provided by Street Skills LLC, a private business, and does not represent the NYS DMV.]

Driving Flashcards


Whether teaching someone new to driving or refreshing your skills, these flashcards will give you what you need to decrease driving-related risks.

Teen Drivers need:

  • better long-term habits and skills
  • simple directions to good driving
  • a quick and easy method for ongoing self-reflection

Parents need:

  • a solid “in-car” curriculum
  • simple concepts to teach
  • reassurance they have done their best to prepare their teen

Driving streetSkills Flashcards are the solution.  Get your new drivers off on the right foot and a lifetime of good driving behaviors.

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