Pucker Meter artwork created by David Playfair

The Pucker Meter is a new self-assessment tool from Street Skills and should speak for itself. For those needing a little more explanation, “pucker moments” occur when a rider panics or experiences fear.  These usually happen in curves when riders exceed their skill level.

If you regularly experience pucker moments in the twisties, maybe it’s time you took a Street Skills course to see if you can achieve the Zero Pucker Challenge.

The ZERO Pucker Challenge: 

1.  Print a copy of Pucker Meter or take screen shot with your phone

2.  Be mindful of it on your next ride in the twisties

3.  Make it a goal to have zero pucker moments

4.  Reflect on your performance, noting your pucker moment count

5.  Any puckers suggest the need for skill development

Ask Jon to mail you a Pucker Meter business card to stick on your gauge cluster or for a friend!